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ORA-16401, ORA-16055  : How to Drop and recreate SRL From Standby Database??

It has been seen in cases where ORA-16401 and ORA-16055 reported in primary alert log when redo log switch is over frequently. So suggestion...

How To Automatic Kill Inactive Sessions using Resource Manager

Database server crashed after memory on server used by inactive sessions The Following Example used to illustrate the scenario for User XX, please Review and...
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Monthly Growth of the Database

We may need to find the database growth for different periods in the past. This Article provides the queries to find the monthly database...
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Difference Between exp/imp vs Datapump (expdp/impdp)

Below Are the differences b/w exp/imp vs Datapump 1. Datapump operates on a group of files called dump file sets. However, normal export operates on...
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ORA-1555 During Materialized View Create or Refresh 

When executing a Materialized View refresh an ORA-01555 is returned.  This returns the following type of error either in the alert.log : ERROR at line...

ORA-12012 ORA-12008 ORA-942 Materialized view Job Fails 

Refreshing a Materialized View via the Oracle job scheduler reports the following errors, however manual refresh succeeds. *** SERVICE NAME:(SYS$USERS) 2006-12-04 14:12:37.936 *** SESSION ID:(23.10780) 2006-12-04...