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Redolog Buffer Cache : SGA Component of Oracle

The redo log buffer is a circular buffer in the SGA that stores redo entries describing changes made to the database.A redo record is a data structure that...

Shared /Large/Java/Result Pool: SGA Component of Oracle

The shared pool caches various types of program data.For example, the shared pool stores parsed SQL, PL/SQL code, system parameters, and data dictionary information. The shared pool is...
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Crontab : RMAN Backup

Automate RMAN Backup using Shell Script In a real environment, you will not manually trigger all the Oracle database backups. You need an automated mechanism...
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Recovery Point Objective(RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

A) Recovery Point Objective(RPO) A recovery point objective (RPO) is the maximum length of time permitted that data can be restored from, which may or...
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How to Change SQL*Plus Prompt to Reflect Username & Instance Name ??

1. Verify that client networking connections are functional. Clients must be able to login to sql*plus with username/password/host string (where host...
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Background Processes in Oracle ASM

Once the ASM instance is started, all the basic background processes, as well as some that are specific to the operation of ASM, are...
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Row Chaining and Row Migration

Row Chaining Occurs when the row is too large to fit into one data block when it is first inserted. In this case, Oracle stores...

Overview of the Program Global Area (PGA)

The PGA is memory specific to an operating process or thread that is not shared by other processes or threads on the system. Because...

Overview of the User Global Area

The UGA is session memory, which is memory allocated for session variables, such as logon information, and other information required by a database session....
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Global Name Services in RAC

It is small xml file located in $GRID_HOME/gpnp/<hostname>/profiles/peer under the name profile.xml. It is used to establish the correct global personality of a...

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