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Patching !!

In which months oracle release CPU patches? JAN, APR, JUL, OCT When we applying single Patch, can you use opatch utility? Yes, you can use Opatch incase...
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Splunk is a big data platform that simplifies the task of collecting and managing massive volumes of machine-generated data and searching for information within...

Roles in Splunk

There are 3 different roles in Splunk in order it is Users, Power User & Admin. 1) User : This is the lowest role in...

Modes of Searches

Splunk provides you with 3 different modes of Splunk searches i.e. Fast, Smart & Verbose. Modes of searches can be selected as per your...


The Meta-data is generally the first command of the search. As a best practice, we should include 4 fields always in the first line...

SQL Developer

SQL Developer is a convenient way for database developers to edit and develop basic tasks using SQL*Plus. SQL Developer is a graphical version of SQL*Plus,...

Parameter Files in Oracle

To start a database instance, Oracle Database must read either a server parameter file, which is recommended, or a text initialization parameter file, which...