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Oracle Database Locking Mechanism – 2

Oracle's Distributed Database Option provides the ability to perform transactions spanning multiple networked databases. As in standalone databases, transactions may block each other as they...
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Check the Patch Applied to the Oracle Database

You can use Oracle OPatch utility to check all the Oracle Patches applied in Oracle database. opatch utility is located under $ORACLE_HOME/OPatch directory. Run the...
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Oracle Clusterware Startup Sequence

What is Oracle Clusterware – RAC ? Oracle Clusterware enables servers to communicate with each other, so that they appear to function as a collective...
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How to find long running sessions in Oracle?

You can query the v$session_longops view to find long-running queries and you can query the AWR to find historical queries (if you have purchased...
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How To Find Queries Taking Longer Than N Seconds in MYSQL ?

MySQL Server - Version 5.1 and later The simplest way to find long running queries are to look at the process list. There are various...
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Overview of Oracle Temporary Tablespace (Creating/Resizing)

Temporary Tablespaces A temporary tablespace does exist on a permanent basis as do other tablespaces, such as the System and Sysaux tablespaces. However, the data...