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Oracle XML Database (XDB) Installation on 12c – XDB invalid status

On 12c, Oracle XML DB is now a mandatory component of Oracle Database. You cannot uninstall it, and if Oracle XML DB is not already...

Component goes Invalid after applying a RU Patch , CATALOG / CATPROC

On : version, Patching After applying a RU Patch , CATALOG / CATPROC Component goes Invalid with lot of invalid objects SQL>...
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Script to check Segments Generating Redo logs?

SELECT to_char(begin_interval_time,’YY-MM-DD HH24′) snap_time, dhso.object_name, sum(db_block_changes_delta) BLOCK_CHANGED ...
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ORA-09817: Write To Audit File Failed

ORACLE_HOME disk (filesystem) became full and caused an ASM error... Got the following errors in the alert log file: ORA-01148: Message 1148 not found; No message...
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Monitoring System Performance Using SAR

SAR is used to collect, report or save system activity. SAR stands for System Activity Report. SAR is used to check Memory, CPU, system load,...
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How to Use the top Command in Linux ??

The top utility is a commonly used tool for displaying system-performance information. It dynamically shows administrators which processes are consuming processor and memory resources. Top is...
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How to Startup/Shutdown PDB’s ??

Traditional startup/shutdown command prior to 12c. Shutdown Command SHUTDOWN NORMAL SHUTDOWN IMMEDIATE SHUTDOWN ABORT Startup Command STARTUP STARTUP NOMOUNT STARTUP MOUNT What happen when we execute shutdown immediate at CDB? If we use one...
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DB Opened In Restricted Mode Due To PDB Plug-in Violations Related To Datapatch

After performing database upgrade from to, PDB is shown in RESTRICTED mode. SQL> show pdbs; CON_ID CON_NAME ...
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Find Archive Log Gaps On Standby Database ??

Archivelog gap set pagesize 320 set linesize 200 set wrap off select thread#, sequence#, applied,to_char(first_time,’mm/dd/yy hh24:mi:ss’) first,to_char(next_time, ‘mm/dd/yy hh24:mi:ss’) next,to_char(completion_time, ‘mm/dd/yy hh24:mi:ss’) completion from v$archived_log where thread# = 1...
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Cursor Sharing in Oracle

Private SQL area holds information about a parsed SQL statement and other session specific information for processing. When a server process executes SQL or PL/SQL...
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Splunk Contents ….In Progress on below topics !!

Overview Benefits What can be done Different Instances Users (Interview Question) User Power User Admin Mode (Interview Question) Fast Smart Verbose Meta Data (Interview Question) Index Host Source Sourcetype Exposure to commands - Part I Stats Count Avg Latest Max Min Timechart Chart Dedup Sort Operators Exposure to commands - Part II Eval Table Where Rename Case If Exposure to...