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Killing Hung RMAN Session in Oracle

Sometimes you may need to kill the RMAN session which is hanging and does not respond. There are several ways to terminate an RMAN...
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Enable/Disable Archive Log Mode In Oracle Database?

ARCHIVELOG mode is a mode that you can put the database in for creating a backup of all transactions that have occurred in the...
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Server Parameter File in RAC

During the Creation of database via DBCA , SPFILE is created in the file location that we specify. This location can be an ASM...
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Read-only user Creation.

Sometimes the DBA requires  to create the read-only user for a particular schemas.While creating the user,one should always keep in mind that the user...
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Before we start tuning GoldenGate…

Large objects (LOBs) LOBs can be a problem in data replication by virtue of their size and the ability to extract, transmit, and deliver the...
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Latching in Oracle

System Locks Oracle Database uses various types of system locks to protect internal database and memory structures. These mechanisms are inaccessible to users because users...
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Adding Replicats with @RANGE function in GG

The RANGE function The way the @RANGE function works is it computes a hash value of the columns specified in the input. If no columns...