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How to Stop Auto Refresh of Materialized View ??

A materialized view create with the automatic refresh can not be alter to stop refreshing. In order to do that you must break the...
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Block Change Tracking: RMAN Performance

Oracle RMAN was able to take incremental backups already in 9i. However, prior to introduction of Oracle 10g block change tracking (BCT), RMAN had...
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How to use IMPDP with transform=disable_archive_logging:y

DISABLE_ARCHIVE_LOGGING From 12c, during Import operations we can disable archive logging, hence no redo will be generated for the whole impdp job. The ideology behind...
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Script to identify SQL generating Redo

SELECT when, sql, SUM(sx) executions, sum (sd) rows_processed FROM ( SELECT to_char(begin_interval_time,’YYYY_MM_DD HH24′) when, ...
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System Monitor Process (SMON) : Oracle Background Process.

SMON Performs critical tasks such as crash recovery when the instance is started following a failure, dead transaction recovery, and maintenance tasks such as...
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Upgrade the database time zone (TZ) file using the DBMS_DST package in 19c.

After upgrading database from 12c to 19c, you may need to upgrade database time zone file version. This step is not always mandatory, but...
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Database Writer Process (DBWn) : Oracle Background Process

Writes modified blocks from the database buffer cache to the data files. The database writer process (DBWn) reads the database buffer cache and writes modified...
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Manageability Monitor Process (MMON) and Manageability Monitor Lite Process (MMNL) : Oracle Background Process

MMON Performs many tasks related to manageability, including taking Automatic Workload Repository snapshots and performing Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor analysis. MMNL Performs tasks relating to...

FAL (Fetch Archive Log) Gap Resolution

Once an Archive Log is received or archived from a Standby Redo Log on the Standby Database, it is registered in the Standby Control...