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Protected: Oracle Data Pump – Expdp, Impdp

Oracle Data Pump Export is a built-in utility program for unloading data and metadata into a set of dump files. The dump file set...

12cR1 to 19C upgradation with auto upgrade feature

We have a 12cR1 database. Database name is ‘sha’ and version is as can beseen from below image. Lets make a table in scott...

Upgrade Oracle Database from to using DBUA

Supported Upgrade PathsDirect upgrades are possible from existing databases with the following versions.Destination Source=========== ======12c Release 1 (,, or Release...

ASM / GRID Installation

Prerequisite. Add below OS groups Add  asmdba as secondary group to Oracle user Create Grid User # useradd -u 54331 -g oinstall -G dba,asmdba,asmoper,asmadmin,racdba grid Change the password for...
Connector for radio equipment, 1942-1946 (electric cable)

Common User Vs Local User In 12c

COMMON USER: 1.A common user is a Database user, which perform an activity in all the containers including root container of the CDB. 2.A common user...

How To Rename A Pluggable Database ( PDB)

The following explains how to rename a container (pluggable databases). Step-By-Step 1. Shutdown the pluggable database (PDB). SQL> show pdbs; CON_ID CON_NAME OPEN...

Multi-tenant Architecture

Oracle Database 12c introduced a new feature called “Multitenant.” The multitenant feature provides the ability for a single instance to manage multiple databases. The...