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How to use IMPDP with transform=disable_archive_logging:y

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From 12c, during Import operations we can disable archive logging, hence no redo will be generated for the whole impdp job. 

The ideology behind this feature is, when import process is going on with logging and “we can see huge redo log generations which leads to frequent log switches [depending on the exported objects] and there are many” Yes to avoid such stress on database during import Oracle 12c introduced DISABLE_ARCHIVE_LOGGING feature, so that no more waiting to write into redo logs, which is ultimately performance benefited”

impdp scott/tiger parfile=mypar.par transform=disable_archive_logging:y
In this example, we only suppress the redo generation for indexes during the import.
impdp scott/tiger parfile=mypar.par transform=disable_archive_logging:y:index
Oracle offers disable_archive_logging in Data Pump to simply disable the writing on archived redo logs, and thereby speeding-up export operations.  You can set disable_archive_logging at several levels, globally and for specific tables and indexes: