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Grid Infrastructure Files and Management Database in RAC

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Oracle 19c Grid Infrastructure requires certain files and provides tools to access each Standalone Cluster . It should have a Grid Infrastructure Management Repository (GIMR) installed or be a part of a Domain Service Cluster having a GIMR.

In Oracle 19c Grid Infrastructure, the GIMR is not required for a Standalone Cluster but recommended. If the GIMR is not installed and configured several features are not available, such as: Cluster Health Advisor, and Fleet Patching and Provisioning.
Oracle Clusterware uses voting files to provide node fencing using the disk storage heartbeat and cluster node membership information. Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR) provides cluster configuration and resource information.

Both CRSCTL and SVRCTL will update the cluster resource information in the OCR, and the OLR's as necessary.

Collectively, voting files and OCR are referred to as Oracle Clusterware files. Oracle Clusterware files must be stored on Oracle ASM. If the underlying storage for the Oracle ASM disks is not hardware protected, such as RAID, then Oracle recommends that you configure multiple locations for OCR and voting files.