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RAC Tools

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Cluster Verification Utility (CVU) ...
Oracle Enterprise Manager ...
SQL*Plus ...
Server Control (SRVCTL) ...
Database Configuration Assistant ...
Fleet Patching and Provisioning ...
Cluster Verification Utility (CVU):

CVU is a command-line tool that you can use to verify a range of cluster and Oracle RAC components, such as shared storage devices, networking configurations, system requirements, and Oracle Clusterware, in addition to operating system groups and users.

We can use CVU for pre installation checks and for post installation checks of your cluster environment. CVU is especially useful during preinstallation and during installation of Oracle Clusterware and Oracle RAC components. 

Oracle Universal Installer runs CVU after installing Oracle Clusterware and Oracle Database to verify the environment. 

Install and use CVU before we install Oracle RAC to ensure that your configuration meets the minimum Oracle RAC installation requirements.

Also, use CVU for verifying the completion of ongoing administrative tasks, such as node addition and node deletion.
Oracle Enterprise Manager:

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control GUI interface for managing both non-cluster database and Oracle RAC database environments. Oracle recommends that you use Oracle Enterprise Manager to perform administrative tasks whenever feasible.

SQL*Plus commands operate on the current instance. 

The current instance can be either the local default instance on which you initiated your SQL*Plus session, or it can be a remote instance to which we connect with Oracle Net Services.
Server Control Utility (SRVCTL): 

SRVCTL is a command-line interface that you can use to manage an Oracle RAC database from a single point. 

We can use SRVCTL to start and stop the database and instances and to delete or move instances and services. We can also use SRVCTL to manage configuration information, Oracle Real Application Clusters One Node (Oracle RAC One Node), Oracle Clusterware, and Oracle ASM.

The recommended utility for creating and initially configuring Oracle RAC, Oracle RAC One Node, and Oracle non-cluster databases.
Fleet Patching and Provisioning: 

Use Fleet Patching and Provisioning to patch, upgrade, and provision Oracle RAC databases.