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What is SPLUNK?

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Splunk is a software platform to search, analyse & visualize the machine generated data gathered from different websites, applications, sensors, devices etc. which make up your IT infrastructure and business. It helps in getting answers from your raw machine data

Key Points

  • Up to 45% reduction in incidents
  • Up to 95% reduction in MTTI
  • Up to 67% reduction in MTTR
  • Increased margin from less downtime
  • Reduced customers calls & SLA penalties
  • Avoid capital expense on hardware


  • It created analytical reports through interactive charts & graphs, which can further be shared with users.
  • It is very capable in finding useful information within organisation data.
  • It saves searches & tags that it recognizes as important information, which helps organisation to make their system smarter.
  • Dashboard offer an enhanced graphical user interface and real time visibility.
  • Instant result ensures spend less time troubleshooting and resolving issues.
  • It provides improved performance by troubleshooting conditions and monitors business metrics to enable informed decisions.
  • It also enables to build artificial intelligence into their data strategies and gain operational excellence.

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